Additional Characters: + half the price of the first character. ( For example: 2 chibi characters in lineart = $2 + $1 = $3 )


  • Simple: monochromatic background (not a specific place). Some examples.
  • Detailed: The character is in an specific place (indoors or outdoors). Some examples.

This is my commission info. You can see more of my art work here.

For detailed information click on “Read More”.

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The only thing we have in common is the colour of the eyes… but most cats have either green or blue eyes… 

Get your muse on my shirt


So i bought a big white shirt to use for painting and have some cloth markers home, reblog this with a message you want your muses to say and i’ll draw them in chibi on the shirt, i’ll try to draw as much as i can! For hetalia ask blogs only! I’ll post a pic of the shirt for every ten :00 Likes don’t count :I

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You got me. It was me all this time. 


Now, the rules:

  • You gotta be following this blog ( askarthurcollegedays) (preferably prior this post… but either ways is fine)  (I’ll be checking)
  • You can reblog and like all the times you want (just don’t spam your followers)
  • If you own more than one blog, just use one of those blogs, please
  • No give away blogs. 
  • Give away ends on August 16th, 2014 at 11:59 P.M. GTM -5 !!
  • Winners will be picked with a random number generator and they will be notified. They’ll have 24 hours to reply. If no reply is given, I’ll choose a new winner.

If you have any questions about the give away, feel free to message me!

Obviously, for the 3rd place, if the winner wants a specific colour palette, I’ll be linking them to a post with the ones I’m going to use, and they’ll have to pick one from there. Or they can suggest it… but they’ll have to give me a reference for the colours. 

The giveaway is over the winners were:

  1. ask-nyo-taiwan
  2. she-only-swims-free
  3. askflamemaddie

Thank you all for participating! I’ll be holding another and perhaps better give away soon enough! Thanks again!

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((whoops //slapped))


((i&#8217;m the worst person ever lmao))


((whoops //slapped))


((i’m the worst person ever lmao))


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Hey isn't there another guy that had a green hair mishap like you uh.