You got me. It was me all this time. 


Now, the rules:

  • You gotta be following this blog ( askarthurcollegedays) (preferably prior this post… but either ways is fine)  (I’ll be checking)
  • You can reblog and like all the times you want (just don’t spam your followers)
  • If you own more than one blog, just use one of those blogs, please
  • No give away blogs. 
  • Give away ends on August 16th, 2014 at 11:59 P.M. GTM -5 !!
  • Winners will be picked with a random number generator and they will be notified. They’ll have 24 hours to reply. If no reply is given, I’ll choose a new winner.

If you have any questions about the give away, feel free to message me!

Obviously, for the 3rd place, if the winner wants a specific colour palette, I’ll be linking them to a post with the ones I’m going to use, and they’ll have to pick one from there. Or they can suggest it… but they’ll have to give me a reference for the colours. 

The giveaway is over the winners were:

  1. ask-nyo-taiwan
  2. she-only-swims-free
  3. askflamemaddie

Thank you all for participating! I’ll be holding another and perhaps better give away soon enough! Thanks again!

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((whoops //slapped))


((i&#8217;m the worst person ever lmao))


((whoops //slapped))


((i’m the worst person ever lmao))


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((Thank you everyone who participated in this impromptu collab!!))
Hey isn't there another guy that had a green hair mishap like you uh.

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